Collaborate to Innovate Article Series

Gain interesting insights from our Collaborate to Innovate article series by CIO Advisor, Rob Livingstone.

Article one of the four part series Power to the People focuses on the business case for video collaboration unleashing tangible value within the business.

As the world’s economy evolved through the ages from agricultural to industrial then mass production, ending up at the present knowledge economy, the rates of evolutionary change have been increasing.

There is a growing school of thought that the innovation economy is already emerging from the current knowledge economy. The defining attributes of the innovation economy include collaboration, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, all of which rely on human capital – that resource which collectively represents the capabilities, knowledge, skills and experience of a number of individuals.

Any organisation that intends to fully realise the value of its human capital, needs to enable efficient and effective interpersonal collaboration, irrespective of geography and location. This article shows how the use of video collaboration technologies meets this need.

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The mantra of our competitive business environment lies in exercising choice. An adaptable organisation that offers its markets and customers valuable choices on how, when, where, and in what mix their products and services are available, will be at a distinct advantage over those who cannot match this capability. Underpinning this capability stands the empowered individual.


For the first time in recorded history, we are immersed in a complex, volatile soup of hyper-connected digital technologies, where the perception of both time and distance is increasingly being compressed. We are now able to communicate anywhere, with anyone in real-time contributing to new and innovative ways to reach customers across the buying cycle.


The business world is currently facing a unique set of challenges. In our globalised and hyper connected world, speed and adaptability are the norm and both distance and time are no longer constraints to doing business. Changes and disruption of the status-quo is now commonplace, whether as a result of a dramatic global shift in supply or demand, technology induced disruption or the sudden arrival of a formidable new competitor.