Funding for Collaborative Education

How we teach and how students learn is being transformed. These sessions focus on noteworthy technology trends and amazing new capabilities. Ultimately, deployment will depend on dollars - lots of them! - so we will highlight potential grant programs and funding sources that are aimed at technology opportunities.

Come ready to listen and engage in an interactive and open discussion in these key areas: 
  • Panel discussion on distance learning partnerships
  • How to use US Census data to apply for grants
  • Funding opportunities in the Ohio region for education and healthcare, including HSRA, ARC, IAL, i-3, RUS-DLT, etc....
  • Grant Management - what to expect after receiving a grant
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All sessions are 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Lunch will be provided.

September 12, 2016
Lakeland Community College
Kirtland, Ohio

September 13, 2016
Saints Clairsville High School
Saint Clairsville, Ohio

September 14, 2016
North Adams High School
Seaman, Ohio

September 15, 2016
Kettering School District
Kettering, Ohio

Featured Speakers:
Elaine Shuck - Director, Education Market, Polycom
Board Member, United States Distance Learning Association

Elysha Gellerman - Regional Grant Manager, Polycom

Maureen Meyers - Grant Writer from Meyer's Consulting
Maureen Meyers MBA, GPC, has been a grant writer for more than 12 years and has helped her clients secure between $3-$5million yearly. For fun she earned her MBA from Colorado State University and her GPC. Her grant writing background is primarily in education, social services, and healthcare with a focus on distance learning technology. Prior to her grant writing career, she was a manager in social services agencies.