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Discover Polycom Voice and Video Conferencing Solutions

  • Video Conferencing

    Help your people collaborate from anywhere. Our video conferencing solutions help you catch every nuance and get more done. Make every meeting count and reduce operational costs. Whether you're connecting one-to-one or in large groups, you need a solution that allows you to collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere—regardless of the networks, applications, protocols and device types you are using.

    To support collaboration and innovation, users need:

    • Solutions that support the way people communicate
    • Easy-to-use technology
    • High quality audio, video and content

    IT teams need a technology partner who can offer:

    • Secure connectivity
    • Easy deployment, operation, and management
    • Skype for Business and Office 365 interoperability
  • Voice Conferencing

    Verbal communication is what keeps the information flowing through any organization. Whether communicating with colleagues, customers, or suppliers, you should be able to focus on the message, not the technology. Polycom enterprise-grade telephones are easy to use, work with your existing communication environment, and are so high-fidelity it sounds like you are in the same room. From the boardroom, to the desktop, or anywhere in-between, Polycom voice solutions keep you connected and productive.

    For team collaboration, users need:

    • High quality audio, content and video
    • Easy-to-use technology
    • Wireless connectivity to PC or Tablet

    IT teams need a technology partner who can offer:

    • Modular design and low cost
    • Future-proof solutions
    • Quick to deploy and easy to manage
  • Desktop IP Solutions

    With all the advancements in technology, why do we settle for the same old experience when it comes to one of our most valuable office productivity tools – the telephone? Shouldn't today's desk phone sound dramatically better than your mobile phone? Wouldn't it be great to access video and applications with the swipe of a finger? Polycom desktop solutions bring lifelike voice, video, and application communications to every user in your facility.

    At the office and in small spaces, users need:

    • High quality audio solutions
    • Ease of use
    • Be able to collaborate clearly in any environment

    IT teams need a technology partner who can offer:

    • Secure connectivity
    • Easy deployment, operation, and management
    • Skype for Business and Office 365 Cloud PBX interoperability
  • Introducing Polycom® Pano™,
    the easiest way to share content from any device

    Polycom® Pano™ is the easiest way to connect and share content at work. From the moment you walk into the room, Polycom Pano invites you to connect from your personal device with a simple touch - no special pucks, cables or apps required. Simply connect Pano to any monitor and then cast up to four simultaneous streams of high definition content to easily compare and contrast your work.

    Ease-of-use value isn't limited to the end user. Polycom Pano also delivers high-value to the business through easy installation with existing investments in display and video conferencing technology. Turn any regular display into a collaborative solution in minutes and manage from anywhere.

    What users need and expect:

    • Make better and quicker decisions by comparing up to four content streams at once
    • Turn your smartphone or tablet into a flexible document camera by casting your live video feed
    • Easily connect touch displays to bring focus to your work with annotation on captured or live content – share, touch, save

    Easy Management for IT teams:

    • Securely access, manage, and troubleshoot your deployment from anywhere with a web browser
    • Industry-leading security in the room with revolving PIN Code and over the air encryption for data protection
    • Enable and disable Windows Miracast, Apple Airplay to customize access to the needs of your business
  • Make your Microsoft meetings work with Polycom unified communications and collaboration

    Polycom and Microsoft are long-term partners committed to making your meetings work. The high-quality voice, video and video-interop solutions of Polycom work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, and are designed to let your teams connect simply and unify collaboration. Polycom solutions protect your investments by enabling existing video and voice conferencing equipment to work easily with your current and future Microsoft collaboration platforms. Plus, the Polycom Professional Services team provides you with the expertise to plan, deploy, operate and support your Microsoft solution environment.

    What users need and expect:

    • Consistent workflows: Polycom solutions follow the familiar Microsoft Outlook scheduling workflow, providing a "one-click to join" experience for meeting participants.

    Perfect for IT teams looking to:

    • Complete the end-to-end collaboration story for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
    • Move beyond IM & Presence by adding voice and/or video
    • Move beyond Skype for Business IM & Presence by adding voice and/or video
    • Move to Office 365 environments

Polycom Innovations

The ability for people to collaborate―to work together―is mission-critical for any organization. Project meetings. Sales meetings. Product development meetings. Polycom Solutions extend your communications and integrates into your everyday work flow.

Introducing Polycom® RealPresence Trio™.