Webinar: Click-to-Join with Polycom RealConnect and Skype for Business

Why attend this webinar?

Whether you are looking to connect Skype for Business video with existing video systems or that you want to improve current workflow efficiencies by connecting video across mixed-vendor environments, seamless integration and ease of use are essential in ensuring success.

By registering for our ‘Click-to-Join with Polycom® RealConnect™ and Skype for Business’ webinar you’ll hear firsthand from Adam Jacobs, our Principal Microsoft Architect, on how to extend the Skype for Business experience by making it simple and intuitive for any user to join with one-click.

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Webinar details:

Original broadcast date: Thursday, July 14, 2016

Duration: 27 min



Steve Blackman
Steve Blackman

Microsoft Solutions
Architect EMEA,

Neil Fluester
Adam Jacobs

Principal Architect