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We’ve all been on conference calls when you aren’t sure who is speaking, people are talking over each other and worst of all you start to switch off as you can’t follow what is being discussed. By ensuring that call participants are using enterprise-grade, HD voice solutions will not only allow them to hear each other more clearly but it will also result in the productivity of phone calls and conference calls being increased.

So whether you are looking for the latest conference phones, VOIP technology or information on the right phones for Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX Services then don’t miss our webinar entitled ‘Polycom Voice Innovations’ to hear how the latest advances in enterprise-grade voice can make your voice collaboration investment go further.

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Webinar details:

Duration: 27 Min


Ahmed Sousa
Ahmed Sousa

Regional Manager,
Solution Architect,
MEA & Turkey

Sherif Khattab
Sherif Khattab

Senior Systems
Engineer, MEA