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  • Gus Mommers

    Branch Head of Conference Management Services at NATO Communications and Information Agency

    Gus Mommers, Branch Head of Conference Management Services at NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI) took on this role at NATO in 2012. Gus’ background also includes 19 years in the Army, followed by work in telecom, cryptography, signals intelligence, and cybersecurity engineering. He was responsible for managing video conference technology deployment across NATO NCI, as well at the NATO training school.

    Gus is based out of his office at SHAPE headquarters in Mons, Belgium.

  • Andrew Hug

    EMEA Vice President, Systems Engineers

    Andrew Hug joined Polycom in 2001 and is responsible for Polycom’s technical sales consulting and demonstration facilities group across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). He also heads up the sales engineering and solutions architects group in the region. As a member of the EMEA management team Andrew drives the strategy for technical sales and solution support in EMEA.

    Andrew is a long-standing industry veteran with extensive experience in the conferencing and collaboration industry. He joined Polycom via Accord and previous to that, he served as Support Director for both VideoServer and Chipcom, a data communications manufacturer.

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"Accurate and clear communication is essential when representatives from 28 different countries and cultures are weighing issues central to their collective defense."

Gus Mommers, Center Head, Conference Management Services, NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency

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