The transformational power of improved
workplace collaboration


97% ANZ Businesses believe that technology- enabled workplace collaboration is a source of competitive advantage


61% of ANZ employees believe they would be more productive if they had the right collaboration tools


More than 88% of ANZ employees believe greater workplace collaboration will yield greater new idea generation and innovation .

Key considerations to making
the Workplace of the Future a reality


>72% ANZ employers believe collaborative spaces would be better utilised if there was more thoughtful integration of space and technology


>48% ANZ employees would use video conferencing more frequently if it were as simple as using personal device


>80% ANZ employers say collaborative technologies integrated into workflows is critical for adoption; overcoming barriers of availability, accessibility and habit
Integrating collaboration into daily workspaces, experiences and workflows helps organisations move beyond basic information sharing to higher order evaluative and generative collaboration activities. This is where the real competitive advantage lies.